A Pictorial Tour of Old Man’s Cave

It had been a while since I last visited Old Man’s Cave, even longer since I visited in summer. During a recent short midweek getaway at one of our cabins, I decided to revisit the patriarch of the five Hocking Hills State Park areas. OMC can be crowded in summer, which is the reason I tend not to visit this time of year. For this hike, I decided to go later in the day, early evening actually, and happily found the parking lot pretty empty.

Have you ever revisited a place then later told your friends or family you forgot how beautiful the place was? This is how I felt during my hike. It sure is funny how time can fog your memory. I hiked the trails at no more than a lazy speed and just enjoyed the lush, rocky scenery, snapping many pics along the way. I hope you enjoy the below slideshow.

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