Cabin X Underway

IMG_1024As I announced in a post from January 2nd of this year, we are having built a new cabin. Due to weather and unforeseen delays, Cabin X is a little behind schedule but finally under construction.  We are calling it Cabin X for now because an official name has yet to be chosen. We would invite naming suggestions from the Internet but after reading how a British government web invitation to name a new $280 million research vessel resulted in the popular choice being Boaty McBoatface, I think we’ll pass.

Cabin X will sit on 6 acres. The acreage is mostly wooded with the building site surrounded by tall pines. The cabin will sit back from the road about 370’. Two or three dozen rectangular sandstone foundation blocks from an old barn removed to make room for the driveway will be incorporated into the landscaping. Perhaps a few of the barn’s hand hewn timbers will be incorporated into the cabin’s design.

One of our setbacks came when we were having the driveway installed. Below the cabin site, several springs emerge from the ground at the base of the hill. Our initial plan was to construct the driveway parallel to the base of the hill and then uphill to a building site we initially selected. After sinking a backhoe up to its axles, we realized we needed a plan B.

Fortunately, plan B is turning out to be a very nice option for many reasons. For one, now that there won’t be a driveway where the springs surface, we hope to create a small spring-fed fishing pond. If the water proves to be cold enough this summer, we would like to stock it with trout.

No official opening date has been determined yet for Cabin X but our guess would be around October 1st. We will post updates periodically on our Facebook page.