Hocking Hills Hiking Guide

As you may have concluded from the number of posts in our blog about hiking, we love to hit the trail! We enjoy visiting the waterfalls and caves in Hocking Hills State Park as much as anyone, and have done so countless times, but we also enjoy seeking out new trails. At this point, minus the Buckeye Trail, we think we’ve hiked just about all of them in the region. So with all of this local hiking experience, we thought, why not share it?


We are pleased to make available, not to just our guests, but to anyone with a love of hiking and the Hocking Hills a concise guide to most of the hiking areas in the region. We’ve included over 20 parks, nature preserves and state forests containing close to 100 miles of trails in a region extending from southern Fairfield County, across central and western Hocking County, to northern Vinton County. Basically, enough trails to keep you coming back to the Hocking Hills for a long time.

Our Hocking Hills Regional Hiking Guide is a PDF format guide with plenty of embedded links to online resources and maps for additional reading. You are welcome to view the guide directly from our web site or save it to your device. The embedded links tend to open in the same window as the guide when viewing it from our web site. Downloading it to your device should make it a little easier to use. Enjoy!


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