A New Year = A Year of Change

hug-club-clip-art-335[1]Happy New Year! We wish nothing but the best for everyone in 2016.

2016 for us is going to be a year of some pretty big changes. For several years we’ve operated 8 cabins at four different locations reaching from southern Hocking County, just north of the Vinton County line, to northern Hocking County, just south of the Fairfield County line. A couple years ago we put into motion plans to reorganize (for lack of a better word) our business. By reorganizing, I mean downsizing a bit and relocating to lessen the distance between properties we own. To accomplish this, we decided to sell our 5 Main Property cabins—Wildwood, Ridgeview, Woodridge, Greenbriar and Birdsong.

A deal to sell Greenbriar and Ridgeview cabins was finalized and closed in late December 2015. There will be a transition period lasting until approximately January 20th where will continue to take reservations while gradually reducing our day-to-day involvement with each of these two cabins. After that, the new owner should be fully up and running, then any involvement from us will end. These cabins are being used as vacation rentals by the new owner.

The balance of the other Main Property cabins has already been sold. Wildwood Cabin was sold over two years ago; Woodridge and Birdsong about a year ago. All of these cabins were sold to the same owner and they were happy to hire as their property manager. Other than the names on the deeds changing, it was a flawless transition with very little change to the way we conducted day-to-day business. To this day it still feels like we still own them. Our management of these cabins will end starting September 1, 2016. This day will no doubt be a bittersweet one as this will end our time with cabins that got us started in this business. These cabins will continue to be used as vacation rentals after we leave.

So, when doing the math, you’ll see we will be down to 3 cabins by the fall of 2016—Evergreen, Rocky Ridge and Laurel Ridge, which we plan on keeping for many years to come—we love these cabins! These cabins are located in the same general area in northern Hocking Hills, which is very helpful for when we have to clean multiple cabins in a single day. Before we settle at 3 cabins, however, we are going to add a new one for a total of 4, which is where we ultimately wished to end up.

fontana_imageIn spring 2016, we will break ground on a two-bedroom log cabin situated on 6 peaceful wooded acres. This cabin’s location is in-between our Evergreen Cabin and Rocky Ridge Cabin on a quiet backroad approximately one mile north of State Route 180. The location is central to all area attractions and access in winter shouldn’t be too bad with no big hills to present any icy challenges. As construction begins and progresses, I will post updates and pics. We are excited!

As you can see, 2016 is a big year for us with many positive changes forthcoming. We hope 2016 brings about many positive changes for you as well!