Conkle’s Hollow

On the heels of my last hike and post I was able hit the trail again. It’s not every week I have time to fit in two hikes so I’m really enjoying this. For this hike I chose to visit  Conkle’s Hollow. It’s been a couple of years or more since I last hiked CH and oh boy how I’ve forgotten how beautiful this place is. The pictures below don’t do CH justice.

I first hiked the .5-mile out and back Lower Gorge Trail. Being in the deepest depths of the gorge reminded me of being in a southern Utah canyon, but Conkle’s Hollow has a very moist, lush environment not typically found in dry, sandy canyons of the southwest U.S. Especially this time of year, the green palette of ferns and moss, trees and shrubs painting the water sculpted sandstone creates a picture rich in color and form. Temperatures some 7 or 8 degrees cooler in the gorge felt good on a warm day.

I also hiked the 2.5-mile Rim Trail. In contrast to the moist, cool environment of the inner gorge, the rim was warm and dry. The community of plants on the rim differs noticeably from the one just 200 feet below. The rim offers many nice views of the gorge and surrounding hills. If you have a fear of heights, you may wish stay in the gorge. In many places the trail is just a couple steps from a precipitous drop, and there is virtually no fencing or cables. Soon, the rim will be a perfect perch for viewing fall colors. I might have to go back.


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