Eagle in Clear Creek Valley

Driving in the Clear Creek Valley near Clear Creek Metro Park en route to our Rocky Ridge and Laurel Ridge properties recently, I was very surprised to come around a bend in the road to see a bald eagle sitting in the middle of it. It flew to a nearby tree along the road and sat there long enough for me to capture a few pics with my phone. Unfortunately, the pic quality is pretty poor. I haven’t seen or heard of eagles in the Clear Creek Valley before so it would be very cool to have them start nesting here.

Clear Creek Metro Park is only 5 miles from our Rocky Ridge and Laurel Ridge cabins. It’s a beautiful park with plenty of hiking, small crowds and one of the few places to trout fish in central Ohio.



Winter Rock House

Recently, I couldn’t pass up a sunny day with moderate winter temperatures and few inches of snow on the ground to get out for a short hike. The woods had been calling anyway so it seemed like the perfect time. Because I got a late start and also happened to be in the area, I decided to visit Rock House. It had been a couple years or more since I last visited. As expected, the trails were very icy so I strapped on my trusty YakTrax for much needed traction. The ice was thick over much of the trail. Many areas below the cliffline don’t receive any direct sunlight so the ice will be sticking around for a while.

Rock House is one of those places that– if you haven’t been there for a while–you forget how cool it is. It truly is a house made from rock. Looking out through the windows and seeing the white blanket of winter contrast with the earthy hues of the sandstone was a quite a beautiful sight. With so much contrast in color and light, along with amazing contours of the rock, Rock House a great place to try to be creative with your camera and its settings. Below are a few pics from my visit.