Become a Hemlock Hero

hemlockHocking Hills’ hemlocks need your help. Not only do hemlock trees help define the beauty of the Hocking Hills they are also essential to the ecology of the region. These trees, however, are currently threatened by the recent discovery of the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid, a non-native invasive insect that, if left untreated, will erase the hemlock tree from the landscape of the Hocking Hills. Fortunately, trees can be treated, minimizing the impact of these insects and saving thousands of trees. I’ve personally seen what invasive insects can do to other evergreen species in areas like the Black Hills of South Dakota and parts of the Rocky Mountains and I can tell you it would be devastating to see that happen here. You can help save our hemlocks by supporting the Hocking Hills Conservation Association. The HHCA is a collaboration of several agencies whose primary mission is to save hemlock trees. You can support HHCA with a financial donation or purchase of Hemlock Hero apparel. Here is their web site:


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