Christmas Rocks

My wife and I couldn’t resist getting out for a hike on a recent perfectly sunny, snow covered winter’s day. We decided to visit Christmas Rocks State Nature Preserve in southern Fairfield County. I’ve known about this preserve for many, many years but have never visited it. It turned out to be a great find; a really beautiful and peaceful place. Two connected trails total about 5 miles. Cool rock formations, beautiful pines, mountain laurel and a wonderful vista from atop a rock formation named Jacobs Ladder were highlights for us. In spring and summer, a wide array of flora will add to the beauty. We were especially amazed by the number of animal tracks and game trails in the snow. Christmas Rocks is located just 8 miles north of our Rocky Ridge and Laurel Ridge cabins. It’s also located near Clear Creek Metro Park, making it convenient to visit both places in an afternoon. If you visit, park near the historic covered bridge. Below are a few pics.

xmasarneyrun xmascbridge xmasjladder  xmastrail xmasvista1 xmasvista2xmasmap


Money Cabin

georgesIf you’ve stayed in one of our cabins in the past, at another cabin in the Hocking Hills or even at another destination out of the area, you may have participated in the hidden dollar game, or a.k.a. the hidden George game. The basic principle here is one guest hides a dollar bill in the cabin and leaves a clue to its hiding place for the next incoming guests. Those guests find George and re-hide him for following guests. I believe you can see how this works. Most guests also sign and date the bills they find. This game has been going on for several years at all of our Main Property cabins. It is yet to catch on at Rocky Ridge and Laurel Ridge, but I’m sure Georges will be hidden throughout those cabins eventually.

For the most part, the hidden George game has continued on harmlessly; guests seem to enjoy it so we just let it go on. At our Wildwood Cabin, however, over the past year or so the George game has gotten a little crazy. Crazy to point of at least 20 single dollar bills being hidden in the cabin at any one time. It’s been hard for us to clean without finding several when we are not even looking for them. Some guests, in an effort to find the most clever of hiding places, have gone as far as removing décor off the walls, standing on chairs and tables to reach high places and even removing pieces from electronics and appliances. Allowed to continue, someone is going to get hurt or something broken. I’d hate for one of our guests to go home with unpleasant memories of the Hocking Hills as the place where they broke an ankle hiding a dollar bill.

Now, I like games just as much as the next person. Since I don’t want to be known as the one who ruined the fun, I came up with a compromise that allows the George game to continue and hopefully prevents injury or damages. It’s pretty simple. Recently, I found all of the hidden Georges (21 to be exact) and re-hid 5 of them, leaving clues to the whereabouts of the five in the guest journal as everyone else has done. I also left a note asking future guests to limit the game to five bills. We’ll see how it goes. In the meantime, I have 16 multi-signatured dollars to spend.