Winter Beauty in Hocking Hills State Park

We’re often too busy with the cabins to appreciate the beauty around us. But a slow day recently allowed me to get away early one afternoon and visit nearby Old Man’s Cave after the recent winter storm. It was so beautiful I couldn’t stop walking and ended up at Cedar Falls. The snow and ice from the previous weekend’s storm coated everything. This was really a memorable hike for its beauty. I took the Gorge Overlook Trail to Cedar Falls and then took the trails in the gorge on the return trip. I think the Gorge Overlook Trail above the gorge was more beautiful than being in the gorge as the snow was draped all over the pines and hemlocks. It really was stunning to walk through, and peaceful, as I only saw 6 people all day. In the gorge, the trail from the lower falls to the upper falls was literally a sheet of ice, but my trusty YakTrax allowed me to hike without breaking stride. True lifesavers in conditions like this.

I couldn’t stop taking pictures, so there are many to view in this Facebook photo album.